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Quzhou Dongming Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the national development zone of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province which is nearby four provinces and the transportation is very convenient. Our company engages in researching and producing many tip and basic masterials like soluble nano-powders (fiber titanium dioxide), high-end functional fiber Masterbatch, New Fiber Materials such as High Efficiency and Environmental Protection Catalyst And it is a smart manufacturing company that can provide customers with professional solutions.We have our own factory, sales team, research and development team and incubation base.
Our company cooperates with the State Key Laboratory to develop a fiber titanium dioxide and fiber masterbatch, which are among the best in China and can be compared with the products of Germany and Japan. And we have applied for patent for this productit will be volume producted several months later.We think that the fiber used titanium dioxide and master batch will be better used. The most obvious performance is the big requirement of mask.